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Streatham Hill street improvements – consultation

Many residents recently received a leaflet asking them to give their views on improvements to streets around the Streatham Hill area. The leaflet gives no details of the funding for these improvements, but a figure of £200,000 has been reported, coming from Transport for London and levies on developers. More information can be found at

The roads on Palace Road Estate are included in the area that could benefit from these improvements. If you think that Palace Road, Bushell Close or Coburg Crescent are in need of improvement, please complete the online survey at

As the leaflet states, the consultation is open until 5th January 2018 and there will be an ‘engagement session’ at the church on Hillside Road (St. Simon and St. Jude) on 22nd November, from 6 until 8pm.

New planters along Palace Road

Some smart new raised beds arrived last week on the estate. They were placed on the roofs of the garages along Palace Road. Their arrival follows a request made on 22nd January 2016 by our secretary, Franny. Teodoro, our Estate Housing Officer, tells us that they should be planted up over the next few days with some low-maintenance plants. Do you have any suggestions for what should be planted? Let us know.

One of the new raised beds.
One of the new raised beds.

Outdoor gym update

It’s been a while since we posted about the new outdoor gym. We can now announce that it is scheduled to be arrive later this month! It will be installed on 23rd and 24th March. The equipment should be installed with rubber matting around it, to avoid the area become muddy. There will be six items of equipment and they should be painted tastefully in shades of dark green and grey.

The location for the new gym - next to the playground
The location for the new gym – next to the playground
Similar gym equipment installed at Hillside Gardens Park. Our will be dark green and grey.
Similar gym equipment installed at Hillside Gardens Park. Our will be dark green and grey.

Internal noticeboards

The estate services team has kindly donated some internal noticeboards to us. Last weekend, Michelle and Rob set to work fixing them to walls at the bottom of staircases across the estate. Boards were installed in Ducavel, Ponton, Baly and Despard Houses, as well as Bushell Close. There were only five boards, so unfortunately it wasn’t possible to install one in every staircase. The committee will use the internal noticeboards to replicate information that is posted on the external boards, so, even if you can’t get to one of the internal boards, you won’t miss out on any information.

New outdoor gym

The results of the recent consultation about an outdoor gym are in! According to the council, there were 35 responses, of which 34 were in favour. The person who was opposed did not want building to occur on an area that is used by children to play football.

Following the results of the consultation, the council has proposed to install six to eight items of outdoor gym equipment. These will be supplied by a company called Caloo. The proposed location is shown by a marker on the map below. This location has been chosen to minimise the effect on other activities on the grassed areas while maintaining vehicular access. Since the location is adjacent to the play area, adults who are supervising children will be able to use the equipment.

Map showing proposed location of outdoor gym
Map showing proposed location of outdoor gym

Do you have any comments on these proposals? Are there any particular items of gym equipment that you would be interested in using? Let us know your views by contacting us.


Over the past week you may have noticed mysterious metal posts appearing around the estate. Yesterday the reason for the posts became clear – noticeboards have appeared! PRERA have been requesting noticeboards for a number of months, but it seems our recent meeting with Linda Elliot (Estate Pride Manager) did the trick.

Three noticeboards have been spotted so far. Have you seen any others?

img_4766 img_4767 img_4768

Garages coming back into use

There are many garages across the estate, but, unfortunately, only a few of them are available to use. These garages are at Despard House and Bushell Close and both sets are currently fully let. At Despard House there are a further 20 garages that were used by Keepmoat during the project to replace kitchens and bathroom. According to the Lambeth Parking and Garages Manager, these are now being renovated in preparation for the garages being let to a car club.

There are many more garages that are out of use across the estate, at Baly, Ducavel and Ponton houses. They have been out of use for many years. A few years ago an estimate of the cost of renovation was made, which came to over £200,000. Much of this cost was related to the removal of chemical stalactites that can damage the paint on cars. It was decided that this cost made  bringing the garages back into use economically unviable. The Parking and Garages Manager is looking into cheaper options for the re-use of these garages, including the possibility of building council housing on top of them.

New garage doors arriving
New garage doors arriving at the Despard House garages today