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The benches have landed!

Yesterday the three new benches were finally installed around the estate. One bench is by the playground, one is on the service road and the third is at the top of the steps down to Christchurch Road. Thank you to Engie for installing them and to Veolia for funding the purchase of the benches.

Benches are on their way!

You may have noticed small areas on the estate cordoned off with fencing. Within these are concrete plinths that are being laid for our benches. We owe thanks to Engie for doing this for us, free of charge.

The bench location at the top of the steps down to Christchurch Road

The concrete will require a few days to set hard before the benches can be installed.

Rest a while…

Responding to a request from a resident, PRERA applied last year for some funding from the Veolia Recycling Fund for Communities. We recently heard that we have been awarded £1000 toward purchasing a bench (or some benches)! The bench will be made from recycled plastic, so we will be able to see where some of our recycling ends up.

Once we have the funding in our account we will be able to place an order and arrange for the bench to be installed. In the meantime, please let us know what style of bench you think would be best and where you think it should be located.

Recycled plastic bench on the Kingswood Estate, Southwark
Recycled plastic bench on the Kingswood Estate, Southwark

Major works planned for 2019-2020

We have received an ‘indicative capital programme‘ for the 2019-2020 accounting year. This shows that the planned works for Palace Road Estate are in four categories: (i) externals, (ii) water tanks and boosters, (iii) communal heating / distribution / control and (iv) electrics. No other Lambeth estate has work planned in as many as four categories. The draft programme will go to the council’s overview and scrutiny committee for their approval.

External condition report

Perhaps as a result of our request during the visit of Chuka Umunna MP to the estate, the council has carried out an inspection to see what work is required to renovate the external elements of the buildings. The report can be downloaded here.

The report says that the following work is necessary:

  • Total replacement of the roofs.
  • Replacement of windows, including patio/balcony doors.
  • Upgrading of doors to flats to meet fire safety standards.
  • Repairs to balconies, “including timber replacement and replacement or alternative glazing”.

This work, together with the necessary structural repairs, is estimated to cost in the region of £10.5 million. We have been told that this work will form part of Lambeth’s capital works programme over several years, starting in the 2019-2020 budgetary year.

Visit from Chuka Umunna MP this Friday

We have just received confirmation that our local MP Chuka Umunna will be visiting the estate this Friday. He is coming to meet residents of the estate to find out about our concerns. Representatives of the PRERA committee will be there, but all residents are welcome, so do come along. We will be walking around the estate, starting at the childrens’ play area at 2pm.

New daffodils and roses

This weekend and last weekend, members of the PRERA committee were out planting daffodil bulbs around the estate. We planted a couple of hundred, around the edges of the flower beds on Bushell Close and along Coburg Crescent, as well as in some of the tree-pits along Palace Road.

The bulbs were donated by Pinnacle, our grounds maintenance contractor, who also lent us the bulb-planting tool. You may have noticed that the oval bed by the entrance to Bushell Close has recently been planted with roses, again courtesy of Pinnacle.

Planting daffodils around the edge of the new rose bed
Planting daffodils around the edge of the new rose bed 

Streatham Hill street improvements – consultation

Many residents recently received a leaflet asking them to give their views on improvements to streets around the Streatham Hill area. The leaflet gives no details of the funding for these improvements, but a figure of £200,000 has been reported, coming from Transport for London and levies on developers. More information can be found at

The roads on Palace Road Estate are included in the area that could benefit from these improvements. If you think that Palace Road, Bushell Close or Coburg Crescent are in need of improvement, please complete the online survey at

As the leaflet states, the consultation is open until 5th January 2018 and there will be an ‘engagement session’ at the church on Hillside Road (St. Simon and St. Jude) on 22nd November, from 6 until 8pm.