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Nature garden update

The Palace Road Nature Garden is looking magnificent after all the hard work put in recently by the Friends of Hillside Gardens Park (and Palace Road Nature Garden) and The Conservation Volunteers. If you haven’t been there recently, you’re in for a treat!

The new pond is looking great, with a variety of wetland plants and flowers and dragonflies zipping about.
A log cabin has been going up over the past week, next to the mural and performance area.

New bollard on Palace Road

At the end of January a new bollard appeared on Palace Road, just outside the Palace Road Nature Garden. It is beside the gate that blocks the road to motor traffic, but obstructs wide cycles (such as tricycles), mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

What is it for? We asked the council and they replied that someone had been driving a Smart car through this gap, leading to complaints by “a number of” residents – hence the new bollard. As for non-motorised road users who can’t get through the gap any more, they are advised by the council to “use the footpath running parallel”. This may well be illegal, of course.

Nature garden update

You may have noticed that works are underway in Palace Road Nature Garden. This work is being carried out by The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) and is funded by grants from the Western Riverside Environmental Fund and Lambeth Council. Thames Water and their contractor Barhale have also contributed by providing access to their toilets and canteen facilities.

The main pond
The main pond

TCV are generally on site from 10am to 4pm and Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays. They are happy to show people around and explain what they are doing. The work includes:

  • Clearing rubble from the house that once stood on the site.
  • Planting fruit trees and soft-fruit bushes.
  • Sowing a wildflower meadow.
  • Planting new trees, including birch and elm.
  • Restoring the second pond.
  • Landscaping the area in front of the mural to create a performance space.
  • Installation of a noticeboard, tool storage unit, wooden cabin and toilets.

The full project specification can be found here.

The mural
The mural

If you would like help with any of the work, email or phone 07947976505.

The project is due to be completed in May and there will be a launch event in June.

Palace Road Nature Garden needs your help

Do you love to tranquil beauty of the Palace Road Nature Garden? Do you sometimes have difficulty sleeping at night?

You may not have heard that from the beginning of this month the council will no longer be locking the nature garden at night, due to budget cuts. This will, of course, increase the possibility that undesirable activities will take place, so volunteers are being sought to walk through the nature garden at night. Their presence will act as a friendly deterrent against antisocial behaviour.

Contact or 07947 976 505 for more details, or to volunteer.



Palace Road pavements and verges

Anyone who has walked along Palace Road over the past few weeks will have noticed that major work is underway to replace the pavement. This work was long overdue, with the old surface having broken up in many places due to weathering and the growth of tree roots. At the same time, the grass verges are being renewed and, in some places, double-kerbs are being installed to protect the verges from motor vehicles.

The new double-kerb outside the Nature Garden
The new pavement and verge with double-kerb outside the Nature Garden

The council highways department will be doing their best to complete the re-surfacing work over the coming week, before the schools re-open. They will then work on seeding the new verges and any further protective measures that are needed, such as bollards.