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New bollard on Palace Road

At the end of January a new bollard appeared on Palace Road, just outside the Palace Road Nature Garden. It is beside the gate that blocks the road to motor traffic, but obstructs wide cycles (such as tricycles), mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

What is it for? We asked the council and they replied that someone had been driving a Smart car through this gap, leading to complaints by “a number of” residents – hence the new bollard. As for non-motorised road users who can’t get through the gap any more, they are advised by the council to “use the footpath running parallel”. This may well be illegal, of course.

Cycle parking has arrived

We were surprised this week by the arrival of a new cycle storage facility on Palace Road. This is great news, since finding a safe space to park bicycles has long been a problem. The new parking is in a ‘Bikehangar‘ and spaces inside can be rented by the year (£42) or month (£3.50). To apply, visit

We are told that this new Bikehangar arrived after nine local people requested one through the council’s website, and this number exceeded a threshold. So, if you are interested in a cycle parking space and this Bikehangar is now full, be sure to put in a request for a new Bikehangar.

Our new Bikehangar

Cycle parking

Many residents have difficulty storing their bicycles indoors, due to lack of space, and have to park them outdoors, where they risk theft or vandalism. The PRERA committee have therefore been looking into solutions to this problem.

Bikes locked to a wheelie-bin rack
Bikes locked to a wheelie-bin rack

One solution is the Bikehangar. This was the topic of an earlier blog post. Each of these secure storage containers houses six bicycles. Renting a space in a Bikehangar currently costs £42 per year. You can request a space in an existing Bikehangar or express an interest in having one installed at these websites:

If you are interested, why not register on both? Only when enough people have registered their interest will a new Bikehangar be installed. If you let the committee know we can spot when enough people have expressed an interest and try to push things forward.

Since £42 per year may be too much for many of us, the committee has looked into buying a Bikehangar. However, they cost £3250 each, plus VAT, so they are not cheap. There are less expensive bicycle storage containers, such as this. It may even be possible to turn existing garages or store rooms into cycle storage rooms. If you have any suggestions for suitable locations for cycle storage, let the committee know.


Cycle parking

Are you looking for somewhere safe to park your bike? Not enough space to park it inside? If so, then a Bikehangar could be the solution. These are small secure bike sheds that fit into the space that is occupied by one car. Over 100 have already been installed on the streets of Lambeth.

There aren’t any Bikehangars on the estate at the time of writing, but if enough people express an interest, then we should be able to get one, or more. You can request one here or let the committee know that you are interested.


Bicycle locked to lamp-post
Bicycle locked to lamp-post