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New gates at Despard House garages

Following a spate of fly-tipping incidents at the Despard House garages (often in broad daylight), the council has installed gates to make it more difficult for fly-tippers to discretely dump their rubbish. We have questioned the cost of these new gates and have been told that their installation is expected to be cheaper than the removal of dumped waste.

We have also asked why the gates have been painted yellow. This is apparently to make them more visible during the night. What do you think? Is this reasonable, or would a more tasteful shade of paint be more suitable, combined with reflectors? Let us know your thoughts.

All garage tenants should be receiving keys for the new gates within the next two weeks.

Garages update

PRERA recently raised the dangerous state of the disused garages with the housing department. This was also taken up by Cllr Liz Atkins.  As many of us know, the garages contain large amounts of rubbish, including flammable material, such as car tyres, mattresses and paint. There are also exposed electrical installations and, in some of the garages, frequent floods.

We were told, a few days ago, by our Estate Housing Officer, that the rubbish will be cleared from the garages. They will then be sealed, to prevent future access. We do not yet have a timescale for this.

In the longer term, PRERA will push to ensure that the garages are put back into use, either as garages, or for an alternative use. We can achieve this more easily if we know what the demand is for garages from residents. Please let us know if you would like to hire a garage on the estate, or if you have an idea for an alternative use for the garages.

View inside of the disused garages.
View inside of the disused garages.