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Bills for major works

We have been hearing from leaseholders that bills for major works have started being delivered. The sums involved vary, but are large – tens of thousands of pounds. We expect this to be a great concern to many residents, so we encourage you seek advice and to talk to your fellow leaseholders.

If you contact us, we can put you in touch with other leaseholders. You can get advice from the following organisations:

We have set up a web forum for discussion amongst leaseholders. You can access it here. You will need a Google account.

We have been informed that enquiries about Section 20 notices received from Homeownership services should be sent to Chris Ojo and Karen Kellaway using the following email addresses:, and

Lambeth Homeowners Association

Last month a new organisation was formed to represent the interests of homeowners throughout Lambeth who pay service charges to the council – the Lambeth Homeowners Association. The association was formed following the closure of the Area Forums and Leasehold Council structures that had previously represented homeowners.

The Lambeth Homeowners Association currently has 635 members. The constitution can be found on the website. The association hosts an active forum, where issues are discussed that are of importance to homeowners who pay service charges. Membership of the association is free.

Leasehold Council Executive

We have just heard about a successor to the Leaseholder Council, which was recently shut down by Lambeth Council. It’s known at the Leasehold Council Executive (LCE) and it intends to represent the interests of leaseholders and freeholders.

A letter from Shemi Leira, the Chair of the LCE, can be found here. He requests that leaseholders and freeholders send their name, address and email address to so that the LCE can keep in contact. Importantly, your email should include a statement that you are happy for the above information to be stored.

Leaseholder legal advice

Are you a leaseholder or are you thinking of buying a flat on the Palace Road Estate? Do you have questions about service charges, your legal rights or your obligations? Do you need any other advice. If so, a good place to start is the Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE). This gives free legal advice to leaseholders on the law affecting residential leasehold in England and Wales.

LEASE is funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government and is an executive non-departmental public body.