Join Lambeth Homeowners’ Association to connect with other leaseholders and homeowners across the borough

The Lambeth Homeowners’ Association (LHA) is run by leaseholders for leaseholders and other homeowners who pay service charges to Lambeth Council.

The LHA are actively looking for more members so they can increase their representation of leaseholders within Lambeth. If you’re a leaseholder or homeowner who pays service charges to Lambeth Council.

What does the LHA do?

The main functions of the LHA are to provide a forum for homeowners to exchange information, assist each other with problems and raise issues of general concern with Lambeth Council.

The LHA sends out a monthly newsletter to keep members up to date with housing matters.

They also have an online Google Forum for members to share their experiences of Lambeth Council as their freeholder. Members offer advice to each other on dealing with their leasehold questions and problems.

The Association organises in-person and online meetings for members to discuss their issues. These include (among other items):

  • incorrect service charges
  • excessive major works bills
  • poor quality work
  • insurance
  • leasehold extension
  • buying the freehold

How do I join?

Membership is free and open to leaseholders and other homeowners who pay service charges to Lambeth Council, though the group occasionally asks for contributions to running expenses. The organising committee is elected each December. Please visit the website to sign up.

You can also follow LHA on Twitter/X or Facebook.

Please note, Lambeth Homeowners’ Association is independent to PRERA.