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Structural inspection report

We have been provided with a report on a structural inspection that was carried out on 31st May and 1st June 2018. The inspection was made by structural engineers employed by Lambeth Council. It makes a number of interesting observations:

  • Lack of routine maintenance, including painting timber cladding, repairing minor cracks in masonry and replacing damaged windows and glass panels on the balconies.
  • Water ingress in concrete structural elements (lintels and floor slabs) leading to pieces of concrete falling from heights, leading to “health & safety risks to the residents and visitors to the buildings.”
  • “A system of tree management should be set up and put in place to manage the trees in the estate in consultation with Lambeth’s Trees Section.” This comment will come as a surprise to service charge payers who are regularly charged significant sums for tree maintenance.

Despite the reported immediate risks from falling pieces of concrete, the council chose not to inform residents until their letter about initial works to make the concrete safe in mid-July.

The report asserts that “None of the defects mentioned above is considered as impairing the structural stability and integrity of the buildings at present.” However, since the inspection excluded the garages, above which many of the flats are built, PRERA has requested that the garages are also inspected.

Pollution monitoring – final report

As has been described in previous posts, we have been monitoring the level of pollution on Christchurch Road, as part of the Love Lambeth Air project. The monitoring ran for a period of 6 months from November 2016 until April 2017. The project was rounded off with a feedback event on 14th June 2017, which was held at St. John’s Church in Waterloo. See here for a document describing this event.

Amongst several others, presentations were given by Claire Baldock from Mapping for Change, May Van Schalkwyk, an oncologist and Sarah Hudson and Sheila D’Souza, residents of the Barbican and Marylebone, respectively. Their presentations can be downloaded by clicking on their names.

The final report can be downloaded here and the raw data is here. There is also a one page summary of the results from across Lambeth.

The feedback event at St. John's Church, Waterloo.
The feedback event at St. John’s Church, Waterloo.

Gate-closers on the play area

For several years the play area has been open to dogs, because the springs on the gates had broken. After months of nagging by the committee, the springs have now been replaced, so children should now be able to play without worrying about dog mess.

Do you like what PRERA is doing? Would you like to join us in making the estate cleaner, greener and a friendlier place? Contact us!

Our (very) local sports centre

Did you know that there is a range of sports facilities just over the road from Palace Road Estate? The City Heights E-act Academy has a sports hall, dance studio and outdoor multi-use games area (MUGA) that are all available to the public. They can be used at weekends and on weekday evenings. Bookings can be made here.

If you are a badminton player, you may be interested in joining the South West Strings Badminton Club who meet at the school on Tuesday evenings.


Outdoor gym update

It’s been a while since we posted about the new outdoor gym. We can now announce that it is scheduled to be arrive later this month! It will be installed on 23rd and 24th March. The equipment should be installed with rubber matting around it, to avoid the area become muddy. There will be six items of equipment and they should be painted tastefully in shades of dark green and grey.

The location for the new gym - next to the playground
The location for the new gym – next to the playground
Similar gym equipment installed at Hillside Gardens Park. Our will be dark green and grey.
Similar gym equipment installed at Hillside Gardens Park. Our will be dark green and grey.

Air pollution monitoring – update

We’re now two months into the six-month air pollution monitoring exercise that is going on all over London – see this post for more details. The results for the first two months have now been added to the air pollution map.

The pollution that is being monitored is nitrogen dioxide. This mainly comes for diesel engines and, as well as causing health problems itself, can be used as an indicator of the overall level of pollution. The legal limit for this pollutant is 40µg/m3. The level measured in November was 78µg/m3 and in December it was 68µg/m3 – both well in excess of the legal limit.

February 2017 pollution map
Live graph of nitrogen dioxide measurements. As each month’s data is added, it will appear on this chart. The red line indicates the legal limit.
February 2017 pollution map
The pollution map for our local area, with data for December 2016 and January 2017. The icons indicate that two measurements have so far been taken at each location. The colour code indicates how the measured values compare with the legal limit.