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Our (very) local sports centre

Did you know that there is a range of sports facilities just over the road from Palace Road Estate? The City Heights E-act Academy has a sports hall, dance studio and outdoor multi-use games area (MUGA) that are all available to the public. They can be used at weekends and on weekday evenings. Bookings can be made here.

If you are a badminton player, you may be interested in joining the South West Strings Badminton Club who meet at the school on Tuesday evenings.


Outdoor gym update

It’s been a while since we posted about the new outdoor gym. We can now announce that it is scheduled to be arrive later this month! It will be installed on 23rd and 24th March. The equipment should be installed with rubber matting around it, to avoid the area become muddy. There will be six items of equipment and they should be painted tastefully in shades of dark green and grey.

The location for the new gym - next to the playground
The location for the new gym – next to the playground
Similar gym equipment installed at Hillside Gardens Park. Our will be dark green and grey.
Similar gym equipment installed at Hillside Gardens Park. Our will be dark green and grey.

Air pollution monitoring – update

We’re now two months into the six-month air pollution monitoring exercise that is going on all over London – see this post for more details. The results for the first two months have now been added to the air pollution map.

The pollution that is being monitored is nitrogen dioxide. This mainly comes for diesel engines and, as well as causing health problems itself, can be used as an indicator of the overall level of pollution. The legal limit for this pollutant is 40µg/m3. The level measured in November was 78µg/m3 and in December it was 68µg/m3 – both well in excess of the legal limit.

February 2017 pollution map
Live graph of nitrogen dioxide measurements. As each month’s data is added, it will appear on this chart. The red line indicates the legal limit.
February 2017 pollution map
The pollution map for our local area, with data for December 2016 and January 2017. The icons indicate that two measurements have so far been taken at each location. The colour code indicates how the measured values compare with the legal limit.

Balcony inspection

After the visit to the estate by Peter De Bique (Senior Project Manager at Lambeth Housing) on 29th July this year (detailed in this post) we have just heard that an inspection of the balconies will take place tomorrow (1st December) and Friday. The results of the inspection will be used by Ray Hussain (Asset Manager) to draw up a specification for work to repair the balconies. It is expected that this work will start in January 2017.

In the meantime, any balconies identified as a health and safety issue will be made safe immediately, we are told. If your balcony is dangerous, please point this out to the inspectors, if you can.

A dangerous balcony
A dangerous balcony

New outdoor gym

The results of the recent consultation about an outdoor gym are in! According to the council, there were 35 responses, of which 34 were in favour. The person who was opposed did not want building to occur on an area that is used by children to play football.

Following the results of the consultation, the council has proposed to install six to eight items of outdoor gym equipment. These will be supplied by a company called Caloo. The proposed location is shown by a marker on the map below. This location has been chosen to minimise the effect on other activities on the grassed areas while maintaining vehicular access. Since the location is adjacent to the play area, adults who are supervising children will be able to use the equipment.

Map showing proposed location of outdoor gym
Map showing proposed location of outdoor gym

Do you have any comments on these proposals? Are there any particular items of gym equipment that you would be interested in using? Let us know your views by contacting us.

Air pollution monitoring

Air pollution has been in the news again this week, with the High Court ruling that the government needs to act as soon as possible to bring pollution within legal limits. With thousands of people dying early in London each year due to air pollution and the south circular road being so near by, how worried should our residents be?

To help find out, Rob, our Chair, has arranged for a pollution monitor to be installed by the south circular for six months. This will measure the levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air – a pollutant emitted by diesel engines and gas boilers. The pollution monitoring scheme is funded by Lambeth Council and organised by Mapping for Change who will report the results on their website.

The location of the pollution monitor
The location of the pollution monitor

Air quality

While our estate has much lower air pollution levels than many other parts of London, residents are still exposed to high levels of air pollution, mainly due to local motor traffic. On 3rd February 2016, Robert Johnstone, Deputy Contracts Representative, attended a meeting with Andrew Round, the Sustainability Manager at Lambeth Council. The meeting was to discuss the council’s air quality action plan for 2017 to 2022.

Discussions at the meeting covered a wide range of topics, including diesel engines, trees, road planning and active travel. Robert raised the fact that there is a disused air quality monitoring station at the western end of Palace Road, suggesting that this could be brought back into use. He also suggested that our local schools could take advantages of various organisations that offer air pollution monitors to schools.

Andrew Round will continuing to consult Lambeth residents while writing a draft air quality action plan. The plan with then be distributed for consultation.

NO2 pollution map
A map showing average nitrogen dioxide levels during 2010 (in microgrammes per cubic metre). The yellow and red areas (>40) exceed the EU legal limit for this pollutant. Data courtesy of London Air.