Air pollution monitoring – update

We’re now two months into the six-month air pollution monitoring exercise that is going on all over London – see this post for more details. The results for the first two months have now been added to the air pollution map.

The pollution that is being monitored is nitrogen dioxide. This mainly comes for diesel engines and, as well as causing health problems itself, can be used as an indicator of the overall level of pollution. The legal limit for this pollutant is 40µg/m3. The level measured in November was 78µg/m3 and in December it was 68µg/m3 – both well in excess of the legal limit.

February 2017 pollution map
Live graph of nitrogen dioxide measurements. As each month’s data is added, it will appear on this chart. The red line indicates the legal limit.
February 2017 pollution map
The pollution map for our local area, with data for December 2016 and January 2017. The icons indicate that two measurements have so far been taken at each location. The colour code indicates how the measured values compare with the legal limit.