Air quality

While our estate has much lower air pollution levels than many other parts of London, residents are still exposed to high levels of air pollution, mainly due to local motor traffic. On 3rd February 2016, Robert Johnstone, Deputy Contracts Representative, attended a meeting with Andrew Round, the Sustainability Manager at Lambeth Council. The meeting was to discuss the council’s air quality action plan for 2017 to 2022.

Discussions at the meeting covered a wide range of topics, including diesel engines, trees, road planning and active travel. Robert raised the fact that there is a disused air quality monitoring station at the western end of Palace Road, suggesting that this could be brought back into use. He also suggested that our local schools could take advantages of various organisations that offer air pollution monitors to schools.

Andrew Round will continuing to consult Lambeth residents while writing a draft air quality action plan. The plan with then be distributed for consultation.

NO2 pollution map
A map showing average nitrogen dioxide levels during 2010 (in microgrammes per cubic metre). The yellow and red areas (>40) exceed the EU legal limit for this pollutant. Data courtesy of London Air.