Planning update – heating pipes

Lambeth’s retrospective planning application for moving the heating pipes for the flats to the exterior walls has recently been decided. On 17th January 2017 permission was granted for this work. Most of the work has already been carried out several years ago, but the application also covers replacing the plywood cladding with painted metal cladding. This is because the wooden cladding was insufficiently weather resistant and is disintegrating.

One of the conditions on the decision notice is “All existing brown painted timber cladding shall be replaced with brown powder coated metal cladding within 6 months of the date of this decision.”, so work should commence soon.

More details can be found on the Lambeth Planning Applications Database. The reference number for the application is 16/05754/RG3 and it is called “Retrospective planning application for the retention of a new external heating distribution system and external pipework together with alterations to the pipe cladding installed to the external elevations of Ducaval, Baly, Ponton and Despard Houses on the Palace Road Estate. – Baly, Ponton, Ducavel And Despard Houses, Palace Road Estate London SW2”.