Streatham Hill East ward Safer Neighbourhood Team panel meeting

A member of the PRERA committee attended the Streatham Hill East ward Safer Neighbourhood Team panel meeting last month.

Their summary

The meeting was very informative and well-attended. Three new policemen have been assigned to work within the catchment area of Streatham. They have outlined plans to enhance police visibility by implementing more foot patrols in Estates and along the High Street to address issues such as prostitution and drug trafficking on Streatham High Road. They emphasised their commitment to actively monitor security cameras installed along Streatham High Road for enhanced surveillance.

Furthermore, the police officers expressed their intention to participate in the upcoming fun day at Hillside Park to engage with local residents and demonstrate their presence in the community. I have an active role in quarterly board meetings with the police to discuss ongoing concerns and strategies for improving safety.

During the meeting, the police were made aware of recent incidents on Palace Road Estate, and they assured us that they would prioritise their presence and response in that area. Additionally, I will extend an invitation to them to join our upcoming summer fun day to further strengthen community relations and collaboration.

What is a Safer Neighbourhood Team?

A “Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhood Team” (often abbreviated as SNT) refers to a community policing initiative implemented by the Metropolitan Police Service. Each Safer Neighbourhood Team is responsible for a specific geographic area or neighborhood within London and works closely with local residents, businesses, and other organisations to address community safety and quality-of-life concerns. These teams typically consist of police officers and community support officers who engage directly with the community to understand their needs and priorities, provide crime prevention advice, conduct patrols, and collaborate with local partners to tackle issues such as anti-social behavior, drug-related problems, and crime prevention. The aim of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams is to build trust and confidence in policing and to work collaboratively with the community to improve the safety and well-being of residents.

Our local team is:

  • Benjamin Hand, Police Constable
  • Jodie Arnold, Police Constable
  • Talya Almeida, Police Community Support Officer

What are Safer Neighbourhood Team panel meetings?

The purpose of a Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) panel meeting is to facilitate communication and collaboration between the local community and the police. These meetings typically involve representatives from the local community, including residents, businesses, and community groups, as well as members of the Safer Neighbourhood Team.

The main objectives of SNT panel meetings include: Sharing Information: Panel meetings provide an opportunity for the police to update the community on recent crime trends, ongoing investigations, and police activities in the area. Similarly, community members can share information about concerns, issues, or incidents affecting the local area.

Problem-Solving: The meetings aim to identify and address specific problems or issues related to crime, anti-social behaviour, or community safety within the neighbourhood. By working together, both the police and community members can develop strategies and solutions to address these challenges effectively.

Building Relationships: SNT panel meetings help foster positive relationships and trust between the police and the local community. Regular interaction allows community members to voice their concerns, provide feedback on police activities, and collaborate with law enforcement to improve safety and well-being in the area.

Setting Priorities: The meetings enable participants to discuss and prioritise the most pressing issues or concerns facing the community. By collectively identifying priorities, the police and community can focus their efforts and resources on addressing the most significant issues affecting the neighbourhood.

Overall, SNT panel meetings serve as a platform for dialogue, partnership working, and problem-solving between the police and the local community, with the ultimate goal of enhancing public safety and community cohesion.

What does that mean for PRE?

We are in discussions with our local SNT to attend the estate this summer, to listen to residents about their concerns, hear their ideas, and share information that will make our estate a safer place for all our residents.

Want to find out more?

Go to the Met Police Safer Neighbourhoods Website