Summer flowering meadows are  coming to the Palace Road Estate

Lambeth Bee Roads is working to enhance the borough for people and wildlife. Flowering meadow creation is planned for this spring along Coburg Crescent – endorsed by PRERA.

The scheme has many benefits including:

  • The flower meadows will look attractive and provide a link for butterflies, bees and other wildlife to other nature sites. 
  • There is no cost to estate residents – the planting is fully funded by Lambeth Bee Roads
  • Meadow grassland is superb at helping to trap and absorb pollution from the air. It acts as a ‘barrier’ before pollution can reach people’s homes. 
  • There will be opportunities for volunteers and school groups to help with planting. 
  • In autumn each year, the meadows will be cut and taken away so it doesn’t look untidy over the winter months.
  • All other grass areas along Coburg Crescent will kept short to allow for play and picnics. 

These maps show the plans for the flowering meadow – where the meadow will be located, and the plans for planting.

Location of flowering meadow on Coburg Crescent
Planting plans for the meadow

For more information or to get involved please email: or