Hazards around the estate – falling concrete

The committee has been informed of a hazard on the estate that we weren’t previously aware of – falling concrete. This can be added to the list of hazards that includes sheets of glass falling from the balconies, holes in the ground and disintegrating wooden and PVC boxing.

Apparently, the reinforcing rods within the concrete slabs in the blocks of flats are corroding, causing flakes of concrete to fall down. Please be aware of this hazard and do not spend time standing under such concrete lintels and balconies.

PRERA has asked the council when repair work will be carried out to this and other long-standing maintenance issues. We also asked how and when residents would be informed of health and safety hazards that had been identified by the council.

An example from near the roof-line, four storeys above ground level.
An example of decaying concrete near the roof-line, four storeys above ground level.