Major works update

A representative from the PRERA committee attended a meeting with the contractor, Engie, and Lambeth Council last week to get an update on the major works. The works at Coburg Crescent should be completed this week. Here is a summary of the other information provided, which mainly related to Ducavel and Baly Houses:

  • There was a delay with securing the nets around the scaffolding due to the recent strong winds, but this work should be finished this week.
  • Letters are to be sent out this week, regarding surveys of the windows and asbestos.
  • Windows surveys will start from the middle of this week.
  • The process of fitting windows should take six to eight weeks.
  • Wooden frames will be fixed onto the roof to protect the skylights when the roof is being repaired.
  • The skylights will be replaced, though no date was given on that.
  • We don’t have a timeframe for renovation of the balconies.
  • Heating will be turned off at some point during window replacement to the front of the properties. Letters will be sent out to the residents before this happens.
  • Asbestos could be within external wooden parts of properties and will need to be removed by a specialist. Residents may have to leave their homes for a short time during the removal process.
  • A monthly newsletter will be sent to keep residents informed.
  • A new Liaison officer will be stating soon. Letters will be distributed with their contact details.
  • Works are expected to be completed by June this Year.