Proposed new domestic waste policy

The council have proposed a policy for dealing with domestic waste on the estate – see below. Please let us know if you have any comments on it.

Domestic Bulk Waste Disposal

1. Domestic bulk refuse for everyone on the estate: we’ll provide residents with Pinnacle contact centre telephone number to agree bulk collection one day a week to mirror the service of the general council population but the only difference is that there’ll be no charge for council tenants and leaseholders. Residents will be required to leave bulk refuse no more than 2 hours before the pre-arranged collection. Any refuse or bulk left by any resident outside of this arrangement will be regarded as fly-tipping and will attract enforcement action ranging from fixed penalty charge, anti-social behaviour warning to eviction or lease forfeiture (in very rare but persistent cases).

This will be an appointment ONLY system for residents to dispose their domestic bulk waste. The system will:

  • eliminate random waste disposal and therefore make the estate look neater
  • encourage responsible behaviour
  • deny space or opportunity for fly-tipping;
  • residents will be clear of the arrangements in place for them to dispose domestic waste
  • increase opportunity for recycling
  • above all a clear arrangement will enable us to carry out enforcement and encourage residents to report irresponsible behaviour

Day to day Domestic Waste

2. Flats including Bushell Close – we do not propose any significant change other than to use the cameras on Palace Road to monitor the bin chambers to enable us to carry out enforcement action against fly-tipping by vans/lorries driving to the estate to dump wastes.

3. Houses on Coburg Crescent
Immediate steps:
a. A letter will be sent to residents asking them to store wheelie bins in their individual back gardens or in the wooden bin stores between collections.
b. Letter will also reiterate that all waste (refuse and recycling) should only be put out on collection day only and any departure will be regarded as fly-tipping. The draft letter will be prepared by Veolia and circulated to TRA for comments before being distributed
longer term-
c. Green bins to replace clear bags for recycled waste have been suggested in the past and will be reviewed again now that improvement to parking and access to the estate has improved
d. If green bins are not possible option of a designated collection corral will be looked at. This is not something we’ll favour as it’s more likely than not to attract general refuse, bulk and fly-tipped material.
e. Moving waste presentation points for residents to the front of the property at the roadside to assist collections
f. Carry out bin rationalisation and also swap current black bins to 140l in line with Lambeth standard offer