Fire risk assessments

The council have provided us with copies of the fire risk assessments (FRAs) for the flats on the estate:

1-26 Bushell Close
27-38 Bushell Close
39-52 Bushell Close
Chalner House
Coburg Crescent 130-139
Despard House
Ducavel House
Ponton House
Baly House
10-11 Coburg Crescent
27-38 Bushell Close
39-52 Bushell Close

According to the council’s procedure (section 3.4), the blocks on Palace Road Estate appear to fall into a 3 yearly review cycle. The FRAs indicate a 2 or 3 yearly review cycle (depending on the block). The latest FRAs for some blocks were performed in February 2015 and so it appears that reviews are (over)due for some blocks.

The FRAs contain tables of actions towards the end of the documents. The more recent ones use a priority rating for the actions of 1-5. The FRAsĀ  contain actions with priorities of 1 (ASAP, call H&S team direct from site); 2 (action recommended to be completed within 1 month); 3 (1-2 months); 4 (2-6 months) and 5 (long-term action e.g. over a 1 to 3 year period). Given the dates of the FRAs, most of the actions should now have been performed. We will therefore ask the council for an update on these actions.

Here is a summary of assessment dates by block and the priority levels of actions:

1-26 Bushell Close; 4/2/2015; L and M priority levels
27-38 Bushell Close; 21/2/2018; Priority 2, 3 and 4
39-52 Bushell Close; 21/2/2018; Priority 3 and 4
10-11 Coburg Crescent; 30/04/2017; Priority 5
130-139 Coburg Crescent; 17/2/2015; L and M priority levels
1-16 Chalner House; 8/05/2017; Priority 1, 2, 3 and 5.
1-30 Despard House; 9/2/2015; L and M priority levels
1-38 Ponton House; 2/6/2017; Priority 2, 3 and 4
1-38 Baly House; 3/04/2017; Priority 2
1-46 Ducavel House; 2/6/2017; Priority 2, 3 and 4