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Resource centre planning decision

At the end of August the Lambeth Council Planning Committee issued a decision notice on the application to build a new resource centre on Coburg Crescent. As expected, permission was granted, subject to conditions.

There are many important conditions, but a key condition for us, in terms of being able to use the new building, is number 22:

Prior to the occupation of the development hereby permitted a Community Use Agreement shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority confirming that the community space will be made available for hire and use by the local community and community groups, subject to the normal operational constraints of the day centre service and with due consideration given to the need to safeguard the users and residents of the Resource Centre. The development hereby permitted shall thereafte be operated in accordance with the approved details.

Given that this new development was only made possible by demolishing our community hall, we have argued strongly that we should be able to use the communal facilities in the new building (café and community space) freely and without charge.

Artist's impression of the new resource centre
Artist’s impression of the new resource centre with the shop in the foreground. To the left of the shop is the café and the community space.

Planning Application Committee meeting this Tuesday

The Planning Application Committee meeting relating to the new Resource Centre on Coburg Crescent takes place this coming Tuesday, 23rd January. Details of the meeting can be found here. Both our chair, Rob, and our local Councillor, Liz Atkins, will be speaking at the meeting. They will be requesting that the community space within the new building is available for the use of PRERA, free of charge. This would be partial compensation for the destruction of our tenants’ hall.

If anyone can spare the time to come along to the meeting to support Rob and Liz, that would be much appreciated and may improve the chances of succes.

Planning application for new building on Coburg Crescent – deadline extended

Following a query to the planning department, notices of the planning application for the new building on Coburg Crescent have now been posted on site. This has extended the deadline for comments on the application until the 11th October. To make comments, visit the planning website here or email, quoting 17/03981/RG3.

An artist's impression of an aerial view of the new building.
An artist’s impression of an aerial view of the new building.

Planning update – heating pipes

Lambeth’s retrospective planning application for moving the heating pipes for the flats to the exterior walls has recently been decided. On 17th January 2017 permission was granted for this work. Most of the work has already been carried out several years ago, but the application also covers replacing the plywood cladding with painted metal cladding. This is because the wooden cladding was insufficiently weather resistant and is disintegrating.

One of the conditions on the decision notice is “All existing brown painted timber cladding shall be replaced with brown powder coated metal cladding within 6 months of the date of this decision.”, so work should commence soon.

More details can be found on the Lambeth Planning Applications Database. The reference number for the application is 16/05754/RG3 and it is called “Retrospective planning application for the retention of a new external heating distribution system and external pipework together with alterations to the pipe cladding installed to the external elevations of Ducaval, Baly, Ponton and Despard Houses on the Palace Road Estate. – Baly, Ponton, Ducavel And Despard Houses, Palace Road Estate London SW2”.