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Resource centre planning application variation – ground floor

This post follows on from an earlier post about the proposed changes to the Coburg Crescent resouce centre. The changes proposed for the ground floor are shown in the plans below:

Accepted ground floor plan – click to enlarge
Proposed ground floor plan – click to enlarge

Notable changes:

  • Removal of 53 square meter shop storage area.
  • Reduction in size of several rooms, including the day room, gym and kitchen.
  • Larger courtyard area.

Resource centre planning application variation

Planning permission for the new resource centre on Coburg Crescent was granted in August 2018. Since then, very little has happened on the ground, apart from some tests of the soil on the building site. Now, a variation of the planning permission is being sought.

These changes were presented to the planning case officer on 12 July 2018, but PRERA only heard of these changes in July 2019, when letters were sent to some residents. The deadline for us to comment is 26 July 2019.

There are many documents related to this variation available at the council’s planning website. The covering letter gives the rationale for the changes:

In parallel with the process of determination for the planning application, the project was being priced by the appointed Contractor. Unfortunately, the estimated cost was significantly over budget and as a result it was necessary to undergo a period of value engineering.

Details of the variation are summarised by the council as:

Condition 2: The proposal seeks the following revisions to the approved drawings:
– reduction the massing of the building:
– removal of shop storage and plant room from ground floor level and re-provision of storage room at first floor level;
– revised the internal layout and external design;
– additional stair core in the building,
– enlarged outdoor courtyard space; and
– changes to the external cladding material from clay tiles to a metal shingle cladding in a similar colour.

Conditions 17 and 18:
Revised wording to allow additional time for BREEAM certificates.

Condition 5, 8 , 9 and 15:
Details have been provided to satisfy the requirements of these conditions.

The following images illustrate the changes to the external appearance of the building:

Artist's impression of the new resource centre
Artist’s impression of the new resource centre – viewed from Palace Road, towards the shop
Revised artist's impression of the new resource centre
Revised artist’s impression of the new resource centre – viewed from Palace Road, towards the shop
Artist’s impression of the new resource centre – viewed from Coburg Crescent, towards the main entrance
Revised artist’s impression of the new resource centre – viewed from Coburg Crescent, towards the main entrance

The most significant change, as far as the appearance of the building goes, may be the change in cladding material from clay tiles to metal shingles, hung at a 45 degree angle. The pictures also illustrate something of the reduction in size of the building, as now proposed.

The changes to the internal layout of the building are explored in separate posts detailing the changes to the ground, first and second floors.

Resource centre planning decision

At the end of August the Lambeth Council Planning Committee issued a decision notice on the application to build a new resource centre on Coburg Crescent. As expected, permission was granted, subject to conditions.

There are many important conditions, but a key condition for us, in terms of being able to use the new building, is number 22:

Prior to the occupation of the development hereby permitted a Community Use Agreement shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority confirming that the community space will be made available for hire and use by the local community and community groups, subject to the normal operational constraints of the day centre service and with due consideration given to the need to safeguard the users and residents of the Resource Centre. The development hereby permitted shall thereafte be operated in accordance with the approved details.

Given that this new development was only made possible by demolishing our community hall, we have argued strongly that we should be able to use the communal facilities in the new building (café and community space) freely and without charge.

Artist's impression of the new resource centre
Artist’s impression of the new resource centre with the shop in the foreground. To the left of the shop is the café and the community space.

Soil testing for the new building on Coburg Crescent

We have received a statement from the council about the preparatory works for the new building on Coburg Crescent:

“In May 2018, following concerns about existing soil conditions at the Coburg Crescent site, a further round of soil investigations were commissioned. The resulting survey has now been received by Farrans, our preferred contractor.

The apparent presence of ground water within the soil profile assumed by the previous survey findings necessitated a very robust design response from the structural engineer, meaning deeper piles below ground and the need to utilise waterproof concrete. This in turn generated concerns around the cost of the project and negative impact on length of the construction period.

The locations for the trial pit and boreholes for the new survey were carefully considered, given the perceived higher water table level around the southern/ Palace Road boundary.

Very positively the latest set of results indicate that the moisture encountered higher up in the soil profile is not present at lower depths, where the piled foundations will be formed.

The main contractor will now review this latest set of results and develop their design for the building structure accordingly.

We believe that this will result in a less robust approach to sub-structure design, without the need for waterproofing, which in turn should, reduce the time needed for delivery of the works, thereby lessening any disruption to local residents and also having a positive cost impact.

Further information will therefore be available in August once the design has been revised.”

Construction of the new building was originally planned to start in winter 2017, so is already well behind schedule.

Creative destruction? Our community hall being demolished in 2016
Creative destruction? Our community hall being demolished in 2016.


Meeting with the new Lambeth Cabinet Member for Housing

On 15 June, representatives from PRERA met with the Lambeth Council’s new Cabinet Member for Housing – Cllr Paul Gadsby. Also present were our local councillor Liz Atkins and several senior officers responsible for the council’s housing stock. At the meeting we discussed four key areas:

  • Maintenance
  • Contractor performance
  • Waste management
  • Community space

We felt that the meeting was a significant milestone in our campaign to get a better service from the council in these areas. Signs of progress include:

  • An acknowledgement from the council that Palace Road Estate has not been receiving the service it should from housing management.
  • A restructuring of the housing management service next month, with reallocation of housing officers to estates.
  • A written description of the service that we should expect from estate housing officers.
  • Recent surveys of the structural condition of the blocks of flats. This will inform future prioritisation of works across Lambeth.
  • The scheduling of an inspection of the estate by the incoming manager responsible for housing across the whole of Lambeth [carried out on 22 June].
  • A commitment that leaseholders would not be charged [directly] for work to rectify problems with the poorly constructed cladding for the water pipes that were installed in 2013.
  • An acknowledgment that water distribution around the site is failing and needs replacement. This was proposed to be included in the 2019/20 capital works programme.
  • A commitment to develop a policy for bulky waste disposal on council estates.
  • Prioritisation of Palace Road Estate in the placement of the council’s stock of mobile CCTV cameras (after Tulse Hill Estate), to deter fly-tipping.
  • Support from Cllr Gadsby for residents to have access to the community space within the new resource centre on Coburg Crescent.
  • An acknowledgement that the council needs to better engage with PRERA in future.

Lambeth Town Hall. Photo: Stuart Taylor
Lambeth Town Hall. Photo: Stuart Taylor

Coburg Crescent resource centre update

A contractor has now been appointed for the building of the new resource centre – Farrans. They were due to start work this month, but, we are told, unexpected adverse ground conditions have been discovered, which will delay the start. The plan is to do more soil testing this week, followed by a couple months work on any changes required to the building design. More details can be found in this letter.

The committee will continue to monitor developments and pass on information through this blog.

Planning Application Committee meeting this Tuesday

The Planning Application Committee meeting relating to the new Resource Centre on Coburg Crescent takes place this coming Tuesday, 23rd January. Details of the meeting can be found here. Both our chair, Rob, and our local Councillor, Liz Atkins, will be speaking at the meeting. They will be requesting that the community space within the new building is available for the use of PRERA, free of charge. This would be partial compensation for the destruction of our tenants’ hall.

If anyone can spare the time to come along to the meeting to support Rob and Liz, that would be much appreciated and may improve the chances of succes.

Visit from Chuka Umunna MP this Friday

We have just received confirmation that our local MP Chuka Umunna will be visiting the estate this Friday. He is coming to meet residents of the estate to find out about our concerns. Representatives of the PRERA committee will be there, but all residents are welcome, so do come along. We will be walking around the estate, starting at the childrens’ play area at 2pm.

Planning application for new building on Coburg Crescent – deadline extended

Following a query to the planning department, notices of the planning application for the new building on Coburg Crescent have now been posted on site. This has extended the deadline for comments on the application until the 11th October. To make comments, visit the planning website here or email, quoting 17/03981/RG3.

An artist's impression of an aerial view of the new building.
An artist’s impression of an aerial view of the new building.

Planning application for new building on Coburg Crescent

A planning application has finally been filed for the new building on Coburg Crescent. It can be viewed on the council’s planning website here. The closing date for comments or objections is Friday 22nd September 2017.

Computer generated image of the new resource centre
Computer generated image of the new resource centre

The existing demolition site is 3, 5 and 7 Coburg Crescent, but the application also includes 8, 9, 10 and 11 Coburg Crescent – the shop and adjoining flats. There is a replacement shop in the new building, but, as the application stands, the estate will have no shop during the construction. The application mentions the possibility of a temporary shop, but states that the provision of such a shop will need to be the subject of another planning application.